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Introducing A New Art Form LEDism






Introducing A New Art Form LEDism

February 27th, 2013

Millville, NJ - Artist TAWES has discovered a new way to manipulate color on the canvas to create a new way to view art.
“Artists have painted how light plays upon the objects that are painted on to the canvas. What I have discovered is a way to paint that interacts with the light that shines on the canvas,” says TAWES. “In my artistic career over the past 30 years I have endeavored to achieve something new with my art, something that had not been seen before. All my life I have heard the term ‘There is nothing new under the Sun’, so I decided to look above the Sun and be open to the possibilities, and I have found it.”
Now, with the new technologies in lighting with LEDs and using the paints in innovative ways, the canvas is no longer static, transformation and movement may be created. With LEDism there is not just one painting on the canvas, there are 4, 5 or even 6 paintings on the same canvas!
Now the opportunity for you to see for the very first time, what TAWES has created is...


November 3rd Friday






November 3rd Friday

November 8th, 2010

Millville, NJ - TAWES PH: 856-327-5991

304 w. Foundry St. e-mail:

Millville, NJ 08332


Millville, NJ:

The Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts is proud to present the
newest abstract/expressionistic paintings of Tawes, Millville’s Glasstown Arts District’s
Number One Pioneer Artist, on display beginning on November 19, 2010 continuing
till December 30.

This is also a time of celebration for Tawes and the Art’s District. “We, (my family and
I), arrived from Missouri on December 7th, 2000 to become a part of a new art
movement for the city of Millville, so it is our 10 year anniversary,” Tawes stated.

Tawes paintings are also being displayed at The Amethyst Gallery, 214 N. High St.,
where he is the House Artist, and at Tawes Art Studio, 501 N. High St., in The Village
on High. There you may catch sight of...


Private Celebration






Private Celebration

June 6th, 2010

Millville, NJ -
Millville, NJ:

The Glasstown Arts District's First Pioneer Artist, Dennis Tawes, has his painting "Private Celebration" displayed on the cover of the internationally renowned Cigar Magazine for the Summer 2010 edition. Freelance writer, Mark DeSorbo, interviewed Tawes for the article, which also includes other original works with the cigar theme created by Tawes, as well as two other artists, Irene Corey of California, and Helen Gerro, who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida. The works of all three artist's works can be found online at

Tawes paints in his studio located on the west side of The Amethyst Gallery, where he is the House Artist. The gallery is located at 214 N. High Street, in the heart of the arts district. On Third Friday you can find the newest works of Tawes, or for a private tour of the studio and gallery you may arrange an appointment by calling 856-327-5991 or e-mail:

During the month of June...